Sunday, 19 December 2010

Having a christmas cuppa aka Mulled wine

So, its Christams time around the corner and I think I may be ready... well, there is always something I forget and as the song says 'Making a list,checking it twice' its all OK with a mulled wine in your hand.

Usually most of my family and friends get something homemade from purses to headpieces but this year I have hit Etsy and other crafty sites. So many talented people out there with an array of cracking gifts and ideas. I did have time to make a couple of things, and if anyone has a 6 year old niece, maybe this will inspire.
I found some fantastic pink cotton material with little kittens all over it in the remenents bin at my favourite fabric shop (Fabrics Galore in Battersea). I wanted to make little Lula some PJ bottoms to potter round in on Christmas day. With not quite enough material for little ones long legs I also picked up some pink gingham. With a rough idea of her height and size I cut out the bottoms from the cute cats and inserted the gingham into the sides and elasticated the waist (use an adult pair of PJ bottoms to get a rough idea of the pattern and then adjust it is size. It can be guess work as they are elasticated and if you leave enough room in the legs, they be comfy). I finished off the bottoms with a little bow, in matching pink of course!
In the same remnents bin, I also found some great pink cord. I wanted to make little one a cushion out of the same material that had a pocket in the back to put her matching PJ bottoms. I cut the pattern  for the cushion and then with the left over kitten fabric, cut out a giant 'L' and appliqued it onto the front of the cord. Lined the decoration up with the back of the cushion, a simple envolope back, but with another pocket to put put the jammies in. So, at the fold, you would have a step of 2 materials visable to use as the pocket (I did the inside pocket in the gingham) Line them all up, so the applique front is in the middle and stitch it all up - dardardee done - a lovely lttle pressie for a lovely little girl.
Unfortuantly, I have already wrapped it up, what a pilchard, so I haven't any pics, but hopefully, I'll grab one of the little muchkin on Christmas day and post it.

Merry Christmas peeps - I have realised I need to get something a little extra for my sisters - knitted mittens for one (I can get away with that while being comfy inside watching a movie) and a washbag for my other sis, fingers crossed, thats it XXXXXXX

Friday, 15 October 2010

Friday with Frills......

Its late Friday night and I should be out and about enjoying a lovely evening to celebrate the changing of season. Ohhhh.....I love Autumn. However, here I am at home with a romcom in the background and getting a list of classes together for the new year. Its really exciting but overwhelming in the same measure. We will get some great classes together and get the whole of the UK sewing by next Autumn. Wouldn't that be lovely, and maybe we will be able to decorate all bus shelters like this one.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Just about getting used to it all....................

So, after diddling and daddaling about with lots of computer related thingamebobs, it all seems to be coming together with the marvelous help of Joe and my wonderful Trev and Saturday Sewing Session is live. I hear that is what you say?! So welcome, I hope you have a lovely time looking around and book yourselves onto some classes. we have some great ones for Christmas that are online and the schedual for 2000 and Heaven or 2011 is being worked on. Go to or join our facebook group or you could follow us on Twitter and hear me tweeting way.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Gorgeousness ness to be made

Here at Saturday Sewing Session, we would like to welcome you to our first installment of blogging. This is really new to us but we will do the best we can until we have it cracked. What I like about the term blogging is that it reminds me of the word Knitting, and well, that always cheers me up :) 

Its lovely to meet you all, I am Arianna and will be your host blogger xxx

This is me and a Hula Hoop, nice to meet you'll xxx