Monday, 28 March 2011

Now really - where has the time gone...

Hello there peeps and a very happy Spring to you. It is so wonderful, the blossoms are out, the daffs are smiling a away and is it just me or doesn't the air smell different? Is that just me then ... :)
Alot has happened and Saturday Sewing Session is going great. However, I am getting more and more exciting on where this venture can go and the possibilities. The people, generally girls, who come to our classes are realluy lovely. It makes the Saturdays so fun and friends have been made over sewing, tea and cake. As someone who works by myself in my studio all week (I am a wedding dress designer and maker/milliner) getting out on a Saturday and being amongst like minded people is just a lovely thing to do, I am really enjoying myself. The challenge though is to come upwith more ideas and more sessions. Good news is that I am moving to a fabulous new studio at the end of the summer and so I can start doing evening classes, and longer courses. Also, as I am from a a fashion background the classes will start to take on a  more fashion side, looking at whats happening that season and gaining inspiration from the catwalk to our own home made studios - watch this space. I am really looking forward to the Autumn classes. We will be doing some dress making classes this summer so keep having a peek.

What else, well... I have had a big birthday recently, I turned 30.  Sad to leave my 20s but looking forward to this new decade and there seems to be a real buzz in the air, not only for hand made, but for small business and opportunity in general. Also. the amont of wonderful fabric shops about in town and online are pretty fab.
Saturday Sewing Sesion has had a bit of coverage lately, I am  a contributor at Sew Hip magazine, which I love. If you haven't heard of it yet - get it. There are some wonderful ideas in the magazine and a huge variety as there is in Sew Magazine, another top notch one and Cloth . They take away the stigma of quintisential 'craft/stitching' magazines and have really gorgeous ideas for a  new younger perspective - big fan, and they sit happily alongside Vogue and Harpers for me - perfect lazy Sunday :)

Below - just a few things we have been doing xxx

For all your smalls

For a grandaughter

Oooh Frilly


For all the important stuff

... Yum

Private party

No need for a cold brew

Cool Brittania - just in time for the Royal Wedding