Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Thunder and lightening in June...

We are well into June with July in sight and British weather is, well, British. With the hottest day of the year yesterday it is now raining cats and dogs, but I for one love the erratic weather, its just English eccentrics!

So, with the weather going barking I have been making stuff to put on to my website as I think it is important to have visual images to go with what we are making, and with festival season well and truly upon up I have a little festi themed skirt to show you. Here at Saturday Sewing Session we are very influenced by fashion and what is happening from the catwalk to the highstreet so keep peeking at our website for up to date workshops.
The nitty gritty - really easy and seriously cute skirt perfect for the beach or sitting in the park with a cider in your hand listening to your favourite band. I teamed it with the colour of the Summer tank top, straw hat and chunky beads...

- Choose some gorgeous fabric, I went with a bright spotty Liberty print
- Measure around your hips/waist, double it  and cut the fabric to that length.
- You choose the length of the skirt, I went for 45cms/ 18" (its rather short if on the waist!) that left me enough for SA at the top and a tiny hem
- Cut your desired length, stitch 2 pieces together if you need to, I french seamed for a tidy inside. Iron.
- Tidy the top of the skirt with a simple hem technique, approx 2.5cms/ 1"
- Hem the bottom of the skirt to desired length
- Give it a lovely iron.
- Wind thin elastic around your bobbin (I always wind 2 so I have one at hand)
-Thread your machine with your top thread colour
- I used the edge of the foot to get the straight lines but chalk on the lines in necessary, bit more than a cm or a half inch.
- With the right side of the fabric facing you, gently keep hold of the front and back of the fabric and sew. It will instantly bunch up so keep a firm grip but let the machine do its thing.
- Do as many rows as you like, I did 9.
- Put the side edges of the fabric together and french seam close

= Lovely easy summer skirt, also same technique will make a really sweet maxi dress at the top with little straps.

Good luck and here are some piccys....

Da daaaaa - we'll be making this again soon on a Sunday so come and join us if you want to learn the basics.